Striving to build the Pet Care Brands of the Future

At twentyfive, this is exactly what we want to achieve!

Our mission is to build a bond between pets and humans for a lifetime.

We believe that everyone that has ever owned a pet has experienced one of the purest forms of full dependency and selfless unconditional love. We drive ourselves by innovating new brands and products that help us build and extend moments that help every pet owner to solidify and experience those moments.

Everyone at twentyfive takes pride in what we do, with a shared vision to create a wholesome experience for everyone that uses our products or shop at our stores. We are committed to our mission of spreading that sense of experience, making pet ownership fun, fulfilling and lasting.

Stressed out during work? Fear not! You can always skip over to the pantry to enjoy a warm cup of latte or challenge your colleagues in a foosball game. Culture is of utmost importance to us and we strongly believe in creating a conducive environment where everyone feels at home and enjoy themselves while they work!

Seeking to improve and grow in a startup company? Hungry and passionate, just like us?

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